Grinch I Have Three Moods shirt, hoodie, tank top

Grinch I Have Three Moods shirt

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Grinch I Have Three Moods shirt

And you do realise that Trump has been harder on Putin and Russia than previous administrations don’t you? Apparently not. Do yourself a favour and stop watching or listening to bullshit liberal media.

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Mina Nichols please..I beg you stop. You’re starting to sound completely insane. It’s comments like yours that give fuel to the ‘liberals are mentally ill’ conclusion. People will continue to migrate from that which does nothing to sustain them and so much that kills them. This administration sent veterans from our military back to countries where they died. That is the legacy. I want strong border security as well. But we can do it without spending 5 billion on a wall. Grinch I Have Three Moods. I’m all for upgrading the border fences though. Its just a shame alot of the people will not let him do his job without causing a fuss over every word he says and every thing he tries to do to make our country better for all Americans! He is the only one I have seen that is really for our Country wanting things better and done legally! Thank you Mr. President for all your stride in making us a wonderful country people are proud to be part of! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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