Grinch Merry kissmyass kiss my ass shirt, v-neck, tank top

Grinch Merry kissmyass kiss my ass shirt

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Grinch Merry kissmyass kiss my ass shirt

People who oppose the wall are stupid. Or they enjoy the drugs and children brought across. Those people are sick. Globalist supporters are scared. Stick it to them. Ready for the mass arrests. We love your patriotism. No More Pussy Footing, Shut The Government Down, and make them stay in Washington For Christmas.

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Taking land from border families and messing up our beautiful wild life. Such has the birds and butterflies who navigate yearly through here we are the place for wildlife doing so the wall would take down almost half of our wildlife center in Brownsville. Grinch Merry kissmyass kiss my ass. Santa ana refuge be informed be educated not just yell put up the wall. Dem’s were very much in favor of a border wall until President Trump started pushing for it. Now, Dem’s have proven that they will sacrifice US citizens in order to hurt Trump. A lot of anti Trump trolls on this thread. Just goes to show us how bad the education system is in American.

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