I’m The Moody Elf shirt, hooded sweatshirt, flowy tank

I'm The Moody Elf shirt

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I’m The Moody Elf shirt

He is even working when playing golf. He does all this for us then gives his paycheck to charitys and donates all his overseas business profits to the National Treasury.

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Still milking bushes death to make yourself look good! Well cadet bone spurs or should I say individual 1, your days are numbered, Your supporters are going to hopefully see the light finally. Showing how easy it actually is to govern by using private-sector efficiencies & methods. It’s making the DC Establishment look bad & they hate him for it & they want him out. I’m The Moody Elf. I hope they don’t succeed. Was never part of any Baptist service that I’ve attended. I’m familiar with it, but could not recite it word for word. I’ve been to other churches where I did not participate in their rituals. Doesn’t mean I’m not Christian. Your behavior at this funeral was a disgrace and an embarrassment. Mind you George H W Bush was very public about his dislike for you.

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