I Willie Love Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

I Willie Love Christmas shirt

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I Willie Love Christmas shirt

I’m getting a bit tired of all the after the fact and extended public adoration seems a bit insincere & more political to me at this date! Does one become a felon when they commit the crime or when they’re convicted for it? Asking for a friend.

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Hopefully they legalize right to end life and we all get a peaceful way out rather than the moreoften painful suicide or natural way of death or hospice. When my mind goes and my body goes please don’t prolong my life. Give me a helium mask, mix it with some Mary j. Maybe fentanyl, idk whatever them scientist got. I Willie Love Christmas. I don’t want to be in a home, take me out before that. U guys read what goes on in those places. Aryan Nation gang is shooting up heroin and tooting methamphetamine in every single stall on every single floor of this Denver Public library. One just threatened me and called me crazy. Another bashed me in the head last week, dislocated my jaw and made me bleed out my ear. Many people need to have bowel movements.

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