Halloween Horror Squad shirt and hoodie

Halloween Horror Squad shirt

Walking dead fans are too whiney. I enjoy the show too but shows like got got me use to main characters dying off all the time and no show can match ash vs evil deads gore. Halloween Horror Squad. Buy this shirt now if you love it.

Halloween Horror Squad shirt

Ash is so over the top and doesn’t take itself seriously so no one going in can complain that’s it’s cheesy as all hell. Missed op. I was surprised when people complained about Walking Dead’s season 7 opener calling it gory, they obviously hadn’t watched one ep of Ash. I was more surprised by the dong hanging ep.

Halloween Horror Squad shirt
Halloween Horror Squad shirt

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Halloween Horror Squad lady shirt
lady shirt

The reason they didn’t do it was because neither property wants their guy to lose. And the cost of the special effects that they wanted to do is beyond their budget. That would have been cool to have ash take them both out at the end. Ash is still a bad ass Freddy and Jason still equal. A win for all. Not like the Friday the 13th of Nightmare movies were ever good. People loved all 3 of those franchises because of how campy they were. A movie would have been good fun. Halloween Horror Squad. Missed opportunity for sure. It would be awesome for sure to see Robert back in the saddle again.

Halloween Horror Squad sweatshirt
Halloween Horror Squad hoodie

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