Insane cat posse shirt and v-neck

Insane cat posse shirt

My cat broke into a bag and was sitting next to the bed, very proud of his little pile of cheezies, munching away. I wonder if he got into another treat supply before the Hawkins. Insane cat posse. I also kinda wonder if he’ll start saying eh instead of meow now. If you love cat too, buy this shirt today before we sell out.

Insane cat posse shirt

Y’all, this one-eyed kitty man makes my heart sing like Carrie Underwood. If singing hearts could win Grammys or CMA’s, mine would be a winner. For real, I’m not playing! I love that cat terribly, even when he’s terrible, which is never.

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Insane cat posse guy shirt
guy shirt

Happy caturday! For fun, tell me for whom and like whom does your heart sing? Doesn’t have to be a cat, but let’s keep it to pets, just to keep in. I’m down in Washington this Halloween, where some truly scary things have been happening this year. Just when we think one nightmare is over, the Republicans seem to bring another terrible policy back from the dead. But it’s days like Halloween  where we dress up in silly costumes, eat too much candy, and make happy memories with the people we love  that remind us why we’re in this fight: so we can build the kind of future where our kids and grandkids can flourish. Insane cat posse. I hope you’re making happy Halloween memories today.

Insane cat posse hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
Insane cat posse v-neck

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