It’s hocus pocus time witches shirt and sweater

It's hocus pocus time witches shirt

I said this in another post, but I think an update of I Married a Witch would be better. In 18th century Louisiana, a voodoo queen and her mother rather than putitan times witch and father are executed, place a curse on the man in charge and his family line, catch up to modern day descendent and the witch and her mother return, assisted by a modern day medium for magical. It’s hocus pocus time witches. Buy this shirt now if you love it.

It’s hocus pocus time witches shirt

Looks like another cash grab lame merchandise. Can you please pay the actors something so you can use their likeness in merchandising? The silhouette/hair images have been done to death. It’s a shame that for as big as this movie has become, Disney still refuses to sink any money into it.

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It's hocus pocus time witches guy shirt
guy shirt

Why is there nothing on this page about the 25th Anniversary blu ray coming out August 28th? Is that not true? I was super excited, but then I saw the merchandise. It’s hocus pocus time witches. Not great. Well, I got a perfect score. I think I’ve watched this movie one too many times over the past 25 years! My daughter watches this movie all the time besides it’s a classic loved it!

It's hocus pocus time witches long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee
It's hocus pocus time witches sweater

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