Michael Myers Shhh No One Cares shirt, v-neck, hoodie

Michael Myers Shhh No One Cares shirt

The Michael Myers/Halloween movies reminds me of a time in my life when i was happy, lol. Michael Myers Shhh No One Cares. When i was a child i loved to just turn off all the lights and sit and watch horror movies and halloween was probably tied for 1st place with The Great Freddy! Sounds weird i know but these movies make me feel happy. Buy this shirt now if you love Michael Myers.


Michael Myers Shhh No One Cares shirt

I haven’t had any requests for paintings so I might get some of my own stuff up on the page, it’s nearly Halloween so might get some horror characters done leading up to my favourite time of year!


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The Myers Haunted House located in East Flat Rock NC is a haunted house that primarily consists of Horror movie villains and scenes. Each room in this haunted house is made up to look like scenes from your favorite horror movies and features all the greats. Inside you will fine Freddy, Jason. Michael Myers Shhh No One Cares. Leatherface, and of course the house’s namesake Michael Myers. As you buy your ticket and wait to get in you are treated to that classic tune we all know and love from Halloween.

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