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Not Everyone Floats shirt

I grew up in the theater, so all of my friends are incredibly creative and dramatic. So it‘s always fun to go out to hang with people who are always performing, no matter what. That is a lot of fun for me. People who actually build haunted houses in their backyards and learn how to do special effects makeup at home, just to make a really cool masks. Not Everyone Floats. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Not Everyone Floats shirt

With my friends Halloween was always a performance. My friends are not mundane. I love group costumes. I also have no problem in embarrassing myself, so there are photos of me wearing a dress. Not for Halloween, it was for something else, but I got no problem; I‘ll wear a dress, I‘ll wear a corset, whatever, doesn‘t matter to me. When I have classes that fall on Halloween, I will try to wear at least a little bit of a costume. I’ll put on a wig or a funny hat or something. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen every year.

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Not Everyone Floats lady shirt
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In today’s world of ghouls and ghosts, vampires and werewolves it is very easy to forget the core of the tradition of Samhain. It was a time of harvest, of thanks. It was a time when neighbours and travelers alike gathered around the heat of the fire and shared stories, played games and shared food. Not Everyone Floats. In ancient Ireland each season had a ‘function’ and the two main seasons were spring and autumn and of those two the festival of autumn/winter was the most important. Can you imagine what it must have been like? The first fire, and from here runners would be sent out with the flame and the second fires lit, and the third and so on until all the fires on all the ‘sacred’ hills were ablaze, in unity.

Not Everyone Floats hoodie
Not Everyone Floats lady v-neck
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