It’s Hocus Pocus time witches shirt, youth tee, hoodie

It's Hocus Pocus time witches shirt

Homespun Friends, I love you! I respect your convictions about the Halloween holiday. If it is wrong for you, I respect that. For our family, throughout my growing up years, Halloween was a simple, innocent, fun time where we could make cute costumes and get free candy. I know our world today is evil and people see evil in everything. But our family still today sees Halloween in the same old, fun filled way as before. It’s Hocus Pocus time witches. Buy it now if you love Halloween.

It’s Hocus Pocus time witches shirt

We teach our grandchildren that the jack o’ lantern has a spiritual lesson for us. Just as we clean out all the yucky insides of the pumpkin, so Jesus has come to clean us from within, giving us forgiveness of sin. We carve a happy face on the pumpkin, because Christ comes into our hearts and gives us joy! And the candle in the pumpkin which shines out through that joyful face is symbolic of the light of Jesus living within us! In a dark world, we should shine for him.

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Over the next couple days you will see a few Halloween posts on my page. You have two choices if they go against your convictions: You can scroll past them or you can unsubscribe. It’s Hocus Pocus time witches. I understand, either way, with no hard feelings. But negative comments that stir strife will not be permitted.

It's Hocus Pocus time witches hoodie
It's Hocus Pocus time witches youth tee
youth tee

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