Best effing aunt ever shirt, flowy tank, sweater

Best effing aunt ever shirt

Best effing aunt ever. You make me feel home. Some magical things just happened over here. My sister who lives here just got a baby and I am such a happyauntie. The future is bright. If you love this shirt, buy it now before lose it forever.

Best effing aunt ever shirt

I made a special stop on the book tour to see my Aunt for Mother’s Day and give her one of my books. Gee has always been like a mother to me and I’m so thankful for her. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Best effing aunt ever tank unisex
tank unisex

Wow, I can not believe dat dis was 3 years ago! Mac…..still waitin for dat visit aldough I totally undastand how busy yous have been savin all da helpless furbabies! Glad yous stuck wif it too cus lookie at how far yous have come! Love yous Aunt Rochelle n missie yous! My Aunt Amanda just sent me this pic of her Niece Aubree. She’s 4 years old and absolutely loves racing. I always try to make all the young fans happy, they are what it’s all about. Looks like she’s loving her new poster!

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Best effing aunt ever sweater
Best effing aunt ever flowy tank
flowy tank

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