I was normal two kids ago shirt and youth tee

I was normal two kids ago shirt

Happy Mothers Day to all! . It takes a village! I feel so much gratitude in my heart for my children’s nanny, my children’s teachers, my chef, my hairdresser, my older daughters, my friends and all and everyone that have instilled, taught, been there and encourage my children. Buy this shirt now if you love kids. I was normal two kids ago. They will want it.

I was normal two kids ago shirt

I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have you all. I’m extremely proud of my children, what they stand for and who they are but I didn’t get here alone. I love you all and thank you for always going the extra mile for me and my children!

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I was normal two kids ago shirt (style 2)
I was normal two kids ago shirt (style 2)

I love Halloween dressing up, trick-or-treating, handing candy out at the door. Confession: I have a real weakness for Mounds.) When my kids Amelia and Alex were little, long before the online shopping days, I’d spend days painting the perfect butterfly wings and hours stitching the perfect Spider-Man mask. I loved every minute of it. But nothing beats being a grandma. I’m no longer on costume duty at least, not for the kids. Every year that I get to see my grandchildren on Halloween, they give me a new assignment for their supporting cast. One year, my granddaughter Bennie talked me into becoming the Sparkle Queen complete with a pink glitter wig all so that I would complement her Sparkle Princess costume. I was normal two kids ago. Last year, the girls both dressed as black cats so I was a wicked witch. Sorry, Republican attack ad makers all photos have been deleted.

I was normal two kids ago lady shirt
lady shirt
I was normal two kids ago youth tee
youth tee

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