My God mama really don’t play doh shirt, flowy tank, long sleeve tee

My God mama really don't play doh shirt

My God mama really don’t play doh. People always assume since I have four littles that I must LOVE being a stay at home mom. doing all the kid things. loving every stage and second of their being. I love my kids. Like…I love them so much it hurts. Bless their little hearts.

My God mama really don’t play doh shirt

But wow. I could think of a million other things I would enjoy instead of waking up in the night, feeding four little birds several times a day, calming tantrums, buckling car seats a bagillion times. Doing four loads of laundry a day. ((I love providing all of this for my family….but I thought you were supposed to do things in moderation. I don’t think waking up 3x a night baby is moderation.

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My God mama really don't play doh guy shirt
guy shirt

I am the furthest thing from a Pinterest mom. My God mama really don’t play doh. I actually have banned Play-Doh from my house (not just from the top shelf) I yell a little bit too much. I say no a lot. I might be a bit too strict. It’s hard to balance being a mom, wife, having quiet time with God, working out, grocery shopping, cooking the meals, friends, doing the laundry. A lot of days I would LOVE to be challenged in a corporate job. To go out with coworkers for lunch. To sit in a work meeting having adult conversations. To use my college degree. I hate it when people say that being a stay at home mom is a job…’s work….but to me it’s not a job. In a job there is room for advancements, you make money, you get affirmations from your coworkers. It’s easy to feel like an unemployed babysitter sometimes. Am I right? I know there are some people who only want to be a mom, or a stay at home mom, I was there too. For years I longed to be a mother. And then when I worked when Leo was little, I only wanted to be home. Sometimes even when you’re living your dream it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. That you don’t feel conflicted.

My God mama really don't play doh flowy tank
flowy tank
My God mama really don't play doh long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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