Just a woman who loves cats shirt, flowy tank, long sleeve tee

Just a woman who loves cats shirt
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My babys with wiskers never leave my side they are rescue . I f I am not feeling well all 3 of them are on my lap. My baby cat only purrs in the mornings. Right after he wakes up and rubs his face on my face to wake me up. The rest of the day he basically just wants food lol. Love cats? Then this shirt for you.

Just a woman who loves cats shirt

Head butts are what I miss from my Smokie. I am making new memories from Midnight and Sambo. Cats sometimes look mean; Just a woman who loves cats. They rarely have those begging expressions that all dogs seem to have; they may stare pointedly at us for no reason at all; and 99.9% of the time, we don’t know what they’re thinking!

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Just a woman who loves cats flowy tank
flowy tank

But we love them anyway! Here’s an infographic on “Why Do We Love Cats So Much?” LIKE if you are owned by a cat and think that they’re absolutely purrrfect! Beautiful pictures of gorgeous kitties. No ads-no trash-no politics—just a great place for cat lovers. The train to your heart. No stopping for anything. I love it. I wish I’d found it sooner thank you for inviting me to your page. I fell asleep last night thinking of all those precious babiesfaces.

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