Gay for frogs shirt and unisex tank

Gay for frogs shirt
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Each new generation religion dies more and more. Gay for frogs. We’re seeing the last hold outs from a time before the internet where we can talk to the world and see different cultures and beliefs and wonder why God told 50 different counties different things to follow. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Gay for frogs shirt

Not to be a downer but I’ve heared tale that for many of these church groups this is just an evolved ploy to get you into their church for conversion under the “love the sinner, hate the sin” ideology. Basically they hold up signs saying they are ever so sorry for the church being mean and bigoted…but it really is a detrimental lifestyle and God knows it is really in your best interest to be straight like God intended.

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Gay for frogs unisex tank
unisex tank

So take these signs with a grain of salt and understand they could just be stealth tactics for kinder, gentler, conversion therapy. Yeah. Gay for frogs. One take I read on this was interesting. In short, it said, it doesn’t matter what their signs say. Ask them if they believe LGBT should have the same rights as everyone else, such as marriage equality. The answer is more revealing than the signs.

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lady shirt
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