I am also a we LGBT shirt and flowy tank

I am also a we LGBT shirt

I am also a we LGBT. Moonlight is the first Best Picture winner about an LGBT character. It’s also the first winner about black characters that is not about racism. Are you a LGBT? Or you know someone like that, then this shirt is perfect for you.

I am also a we LGBT shirt

I wonder if Moonlight’s author knows that Chiron the title character, (pronounced Shy-roan in the movie is the Greek character known as “the wounded healer,” but pronounced “Key-Ron? The title character in Moonlight is broken and bullied, and yet exerts a powerful healing grace on everyone in his life that he loves. In the end, he has to heal himself.

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I am also a we LGBT guy shirt
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I can’t blame La La Lands cast, crew, and producers for the mix up, but, man, I felt bad for Moonlight. The mix up totally stole their moment their thunder, if you will. Instead of responding to their win, they had to react to their win. What a mess. I am also a we LGBT. On the other hand lots of people who skip the show and did not see the movie are now saying “oh , well maybe I should see this movie.” I had never heard of it but I heard about La La Land many many times and lots of my friends were talking about Hidden Figures. Moonlight seemed to get left out of that conversation even as it picked up lots of awards.

I am also a we LGBT lady shirt
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I am also a we LGBT flowy tank
flowy tank

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