I’m not gay but 20 is 20 shirt and v-neck

I'm not gay but 20 is 20 shirt

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I’m not gay but 20 is 20 shirt

The way you ensure I always have what I need to get over a bad day makes me love you more and more all the time. I would not be able to be the person I am today if you were not in my life. I am continually amazed by the depths of your kindness and your willingness to care for others, not just me.

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I'm not gay but 20 is 20 hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt

If ever there were a reason to love someone, the support you offer for my hopes and dreams would have to be one of the best. I love the way you hold me close at the end of a long week. It makes the wait to leave work nearly unbearable. When I’m with you, it seems like we have the kind of love old movies were written about. It’s almost like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Your sense of humor is the reason so many people love your company and a big part of why I love you so much. I’m not gay but 20 is 20. I don’t know why anyone else falls in love, but the fact I feel safe and secure when I’m around you is a major reason for me. From the moment I met you, I could tell there was something special about you. I think the gleam in your eye made me love you from the start. I have never met a person so strong in their convictions, so able to resist the low road in favor of higher things and that’s one of the major reasons why I love you.

I'm not gay but 20 is 20 v-neck
I'm not gay but 20 is 20 crewneck sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt

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