It’s not gay if it’s TSA shirt, v-neck, tank unisex

It's not gay if it's TSA shirt

Wear this funny shirt the next time you head to the airport for a prostate exam. Limited time only, buy it now before lose it forever. Do you like it?

It’s not gay if it’s TSA shirt

Uh-oh. Now that a terrorist has tried unsuccessfully to blow up a Saudi prince with a bomb shoved up his ass, the TSA is obliged to perform rectal exams on every flier for the rest of time. It’s not gay if it’s TSA. After all, once a jihadi failed to blow up a plane with his shoe, we all needed to start taking our shoes off. At that point a few knuckleheads trusted they could explode a plane with vitality drinks and hair gel, so now we need to restrict ourselves to 100ml of all fluids and gels, unless they’re for babies or are solution (on the grounds that no mass-killer would be so shrewd as to produce a specialist’s note, which, as each addict knows, can’t in any way, shape or form be fashioned).

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It's not gay if it's TSA v-neck

Allows simply be grateful that nobody has yet persuaded a self-destructive killer that he could explode a plane with his psyche, in light of the fact that once that happens, we’re all in for required air terminal trepannations. Since, you know, you can’t be excessively protected. Each and every piece makes a difference. In the event that an unhinged suicide aircraft trusts it’s conceivable, we should consider it important. To do less would be untrustworthy.

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It's not gay if it's TSA lady shirt
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It's not gay if it's TSA tank unisex
tank unisex

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