LGBT Just lick it shirt, hoodie, tank top

LGBT Just lick it shirt

“I’ve never been ‘out’. But today I stand proudly and publicly with my siblings of all genders around the world.” So yesterday I was at pittsburgh pride and felt now was the time to come out. I was done hiding. I found a cute stranger and made my announcement with a bang. LGBT Just lick it. If you want it, order on Tashirts today.

LGBT Just lick it shirt

We don’t know each other but I just want to say congratulation for being true to yourself and standing strong as who you are. And you don’t have to look or say anything about it so shut up and let them be free to do what they want I congrats you guys.

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LGBT Just lick it lady shirt
lady shirt

I thought I was the only one wanting to come out after what happened. Sometime soon. It still scares me a lot. I admitted it to myself. Some day I may talk about it without fear. I’m right here with you.  Each Time that you see in a person the gay , the muslim, the jew , the black , the latino instead of the very human person you prepare the society in which we live full of hatred and intolerance. LGBT Just lick it. Time is come to see things differently and to get in touch with our humanity without fear and without hiding behind holy books or without protecting us with weapons. If not that means that we enter into war against ourself!

LGBT Just lick it hoodie
LGBT Just lick it tank top
tank top

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