Welcome to Maine we don’t dial 911 shirt, tank unisex, hooded sweatshirt

Welcome to Maine we don't dial 911 shirt
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Mother shoots intruder after he ignores ‘We don’t dial 911’ sign. Welcome to Maine we don’t dial 911. According to a FOX 59 report, when a woman heard an intruder break into her home through the window of the baby’s room, she grabbed her gun.

Welcome to Maine we don’t dial 911 shirt

The woman was not identified but the woman’s brother, Eddie Ballard, said that when the mother and intruder met in the hallway, the intruder shot first. The mother shot back, striking the intruder several times. According to authorities, the intruder was carrying zip ties and a walkie-talkie. The suspect was not identified in the report. He was taken to a local hospital.

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Welcome to Maine we don't dial 911 lady shirt
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From the things you don’t see everyday department: Taking my girl to choir rehearsal, we make the turn onto the Main Street. Up ahead, I see a truck jump onto the center divider, a puff of dust in the air, then it cuts across the lanes, passenger door open, it stops in a dirt field where a lady throws herself out, I pull over, trying to dial 911, she’s sitting on the dirt looking at me. Her “dude” gets out, not sure what to do..I’m not gonna get too involved with my daughter with me, but he knows I’m watching him. While he’s looking at me, his girl has made her way across both lanes to the other side, walking away. He gets in his truck, and slowly, drives away,..I’m sure tomorrow they’ll laugh and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

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Welcome to Maine we don't dial 911 tank unisex
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Welcome to Maine we don't dial 911 hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt