Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand shirt, tank top and long sleeve tee

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand shirt

Marvel’s Avengers have taken on aliens, robots and even each other. If the latest trailer for the Disney studio’s new superhero movie is any indication of what’s next, they are about to take on their greatest foe yet: Thanos. If you are fans of Avengers Infinity war, buy this shirt now. Limited edition, full color and more style.

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand shirt

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand. The imposing (and quite purple) space villain flexes his muscles in film’s new trailer, which premiered on Friday morning. The preview includes your standard Marvel comic book action mixed with comedy, but Thanos’ looming presence sets the scene what what appears to be a major battle on the horizon. “The entire time I knew him he only ever had one goal: To wipe out half the universe,” Zoe Saldana’s Gamora is heard saying in the trailer. “If gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with the snap of his fingers. Just like that.” “Tell me his name again,” Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man asks.

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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand lady shirt
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The two-minute trailer, which has racked up close to a million views on YouTube in less than three hours, features nearly every hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes the crew in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. A bearded Captain America is seen taking on Thanos in hand-to-hand combat, Spider-Man is swinging through debris, and Thor finds his head nearly being crushed by the villain. The glimpses of our heroes in peril led some fans online to fear that some Marvel characters may not make it out of alive.

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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee
Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war hand tank top
tank top

Marvel Studios’ latest hero, Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, is featured prominently in the new trailer. “Black Panther” has been one of Marvel’s biggest and most critically acclaimed hits since it opened last month. The film, which is the first Marvel project directed by an African-American, broke records on its opening weekend at the box office and has made more than $1.1 billion worldwide. Related: ‘Black Panther’ to cross $1 billion worldwide in less than a month. “Avengers: Infinity War” looks to be the one of the biggest films Marvel has ever produced, which is saying something since the brand has had 18 straight number one openings and has grossed more than $14.5 billion globally. “Avengers: Infinity War” hits theaters on April 27.

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