The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac shirt, hoodie, v-neck

The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac shirt

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The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac shirt

I expect the Never-trumpers to blaze Facebook with their regular zeal for personal attacks against anything this president does, but those efforts will fail.

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While it is appropriate to recognize and honor the life of a great president, our president Bush was a patriot whose term in office had several challenges. The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac. Let’s not forget that he was a globalist and, as such, did not put the US interest foremost in all negotiations. Our president now understands placing our interest to the forefront. While President Bush was a good president, he was not a leader, one willing to fight the deeply entrenched special interests in the halls of congress. President Trump is that man. Without loyalty to those special interests, he leads in a way that promotes the lives and security of ALL citizens. I am confident that, barring ballot and voter fraud, he will handily when the 2020 election and our national progress will continue. Thank you President Trump.

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