Even Jesus loves Slayer shirt, v-neck, tank top

Even Jesus loves Slayer shirt

My first experience with Slayer was when I was very young  probably around ten or eleven years old. At the risk of dating myself, the first Slayer record I ever heard was Reign in Blood. At the time, I had just started getting into heavier music, having been first introduced to the more hair band type stuff like Mötley Crüe and Scorpions. Even Jesus loves Slayer. Are you a fan of Slayer? Then this shirt is perfect for you.

Even Jesus loves Slayer shirt

Just saw them again last night in Albany, makes it my 12th time live! Been a Slayer fan since ’86 and last nights show didn’t disappoint at all. They’re still going strong after many, many years of touring and head banging! The pyrotechnics last night were phenomenal too! They will be missed.

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Even Jesus loves Slayer lady shirt
lady shirt

My first Slayer album was Undisputed Attitude. I bought it after reading an article where Kerry King was slamming bands like Green Day I owned Dookie and Blink 182 saying they weren’t punk and Slayer was putting out an album to prove it. Even Jesus loves Slayer. The rest was history. Only managed to see them once original lineup at Nation in DC with Soulfly and In Flames. Still ranks as one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever attended. Also the loudest and hottest.

Even Jesus loves Slayer lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Even Jesus loves Slayer tank top
tank top

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