J Cole signature illustrator shirt and hoodie

J Cole signature illustrator shirt

Start to finish the album is fire. J Cole signature illustrator. The only reason people hate it is because either they hate the production because there aren’t enough trap 808s or because he tells the truth so hard it made you self reflect so deep to a place in you that you don’t want to go which it did to me. OR you’re just to immature to really understand it. Buy this shirt now if you love him.

J Cole signature illustrator shirt

Exactly. It made me think so deep it was uncomfortable. Cole is a fucking genius that keep telling the truth while spit fire. Henrique Makaveli he damn near made me feel bad for smoking a j while listening to it lol but yeah its what rap needs right now.

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J Cole signature illustrator lady shirt
lady shirt

To y’all saying he lost it chill. I’m 4 songs in and all I hear is bars. I guess Cole set the bar too high for himself, either that or y’alls ears have just become too accustom to that mumble trash. Jcole is my favorite rapper but i am dissapointed. J Cole signature illustrator. I am half way through the album and i am just dissapointed. Where did his actual rapping ability go? Nah. Didnt wait about 2 years just for this.

J Cole signature illustrator lady v-neck
lady v-neck
J Cole signature illustrator hoodie

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