CatDad The Man The Myth The Legend shirt, hooded sweatshirt, crewneck sweatshirt

CatDad The Man The Myth The Legend shirt

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CatDad The Man The Myth The Legend shirt

Haven’t the Republicans controlled most branches of govt? Why didn’t you take care of this then? I thought Mexico was paying for the wall? hat meeting was so funny. Chucky acted like the puppy that pooped on the carpet and blamed the cat and Nancy kept screaming to take it private, like she didn’t want anybody to know she peed through her Depends.

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I do not understand why these two particular individuals have the authority to control Americans’ security. Neither are representing me, both have indicated my political preferences are irrelevant, so why are they getting away with this? Has the rest of Congress been castrated? I’m pretty sure that Nancy and Chuck live in gated communities or are otherwise well protected from intruders in their homes. How about the same protection for the rest of us? CatDad The Man The Myth The Legend. Way down dems! How low can they get Mexico is now closing its southern border. Mexico Is Closing Their Border.

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