Colorful Turtles shirt, youth tee, long sleeve tee

Colorful Turtles shirt

Sea Turtles makeme very happy. Colorful Turtles. I love  the reminder of no matter where we are physically in life we are always home in our amazing bodies that carries our spirit. If you love this shirt, buy it now before we sell out.

Colorful Turtles shirt

I love you son. The real reason why I bought a turtle was because I was depressed asf at the time and felt lonely and nobody around me even noticed it. I just wanted to care about something, anything to make me feel something at the time cause I felt numb.

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Colorful Turtles guy shirt
guy shirt

So don’t tell me I do the most over my turtle cause you don’t know the reason behind it. Nobody would’ve even guessed what I was going through tho. Colorful Turtles. Just an example of why you shouldn’t make assumptions based off social media cause you never know what a person is going through in real life. Most people wouldn’t be able to walk a mile in my shoes. I got such a positive energy that a lot of people just assume that I be happy all the time and I don’t but you’ll never know cause even if I’m feeling broken inside I’ll still get on here and make y’all laugh. That’s just the type of person I am. I love working with turtles and seeing them in the wild too! I think sea turtles are a great ambassador of turtles since they’re found around the world but becoming more threatened every year because of poaching especially eggs, overfishing, getting tangled in fishing nets/lines, coastal development, global warming and pollution, particularly plastics.

Colorful Turtles youth tee
youth tee
Colorful Turtles long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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