[New] Easily distracted by dogs shirt, youth tee, flowy tank

Easily distracted by dogs shirt

Dogs can really brighten up your day! Easily distracted by dogs. I love them! Finally one animal related video from America’s Funniest Home Videos that doesn’t, from what I can see, has “animal abuse!” Comments in the Comment section! Do you love this shirt?

Easily distracted by dogs shirt

My favorite memory is of when our two black and tan min pins were puppies. We had a couple of metal dog bowls and filled them with food to feed them and they were barking at the bowls instead of eating! At first my mom and I were like wondering what the heck they were barking at the bowls for and then it dawned on us…They were barking at their reflections on the bowls!

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Easily distracted by dogs guy shirt
guy shirt

Something to bring a smile to your face so Monday can start your week off right! Hope you’re feeling good this morning! The three people that put that as a response I spend my nights wondering what is wrong with you. Dogs are amazing. That dog with the branch is smart, he didn’t walk away with just one stick he walked away with a whole treasure of sticks!

Easily distracted by dogs flowy tank
flowy tank
Easily distracted by dogs youth tee
youth tee

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