Show me your Pitties shirt and v-neck

Show me your Pitties shirt

This boy is entirely too sweet. I love pitties, and hate the stigma that comes with them. So nervous for Cane, but believe everything will be ok. Cane is a high energy boy, and needs some more work with jumping. Anyone who knows the bully breeds knows how they roll. Show me your Pitties. Hoping after this week to start taking applications for him. He does well with other dogs, nuetred, utd. Good with kids but jumps. Has not been cat tested.

Show me your Pitties shirt

People said this street dog would never walk again after he was hit by a car in Puerto Rico. His foster moms knew he could do it, though and so did he! Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Iron was so determined to run with his siblings that he started crashing his wheelchair on purpose and leaving it in the dust. Buy this shirt now and show me your Pitties.

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Show me your Pitties lady shirt
lady shirt

When this pit bull was adopted, she was instantly obsessed with the guinea pig cage in her new house. So their mom decided to introduce them but the guinea pigs were not into it at first. Show me your Pitties. Today on watch how Moki persisted with all her pittie affection until the little piggies loved her right back. 

Show me your Pitties guy shirt
guy shirt
Show me your Pitties v-neck


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