Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump shirt, v-neck, hooded sweatshirt

Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump shirt

Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump. They hate Donald Trump and what they think he’s done to the presidency. They want that Obama-inspired progressive era to come to pass and in order to make it a reality, they’re focused on defeating Trump, not simply by opposing him, but by out-organizing him. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump shirt

“‘Resist’ is too passive,” says Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the first Obama alum to win election since he left office. Don’t want either in the White House or any public service position ! Trump can crawl back into what ever hole he crawled out of and Pence, well, looks like the people of Indiana are stuck with him till his term expires, cuz, he won’t be going to D.C.!

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Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump lady shirt
lady shirt

I can’t, I just can’t read this stuff without thinking there is even a possibility of our country being taken over because of this idiots stupid actions. Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump. Trump is taking orders from Putin! Do republicrooks even give a shit? Most CEOS said they would do that before the tax cuts were passed! And trump did it anyway. And there are hundreds of thousands of jobs coming back to America specifically due to the tax cuts. Stop whining.

Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump v-neck
Ice Ice Baby Donald Trump hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt

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