Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump shirt and v-neck

Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump shirt

I served in the military for 22 1/2 years and took an oath of enlistment and later an oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States. I never once swore to defend the National Anthem or the US flag. Whenever I see a fellow American exercising their Constitutional rights, I swell with pride as it means my service was not in vain. Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump shirt

Although I would likely never kneel for the Anthem or burn the flag, I will defend to the death the right of my fellow Americans to do so. I might even disagree with them or not like their choices. And, if you are spending all of your time spewing anger and vitriol at those engaged in protest, then I contend you have completely missed the message.

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Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump hoodie

If you really want to be angry about something, how about getting angry that black boys and black men are getting gunned down in the streets for such crimes as playing while black, driving while black, congregating while black, trying to earn a living while black, sleeping while black, in one’s own apartment while black, being a security guard protecting others while black, and on and on. Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump. Wouldn’t that be something if you put all your useless energy into something grand like saving black lives and holding those accountable for their murders! That would be real patriotism – ensuring ALL Americans have the simple right just to live!

Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump tank top
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Colin Kaepernick 7 Knee Trump v-neck

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