Why I’m not a Republican shirt, hooded sweatshirt, youth tee

Why I'm not a Republican shirt

Here’s why the Republican talking point about how ‘guns would’ve prevented the Holocaust’ is bullsh*t: Because a handgun can stop a tank. It’s a ridiculous and divisive load of crap and, typically disrespectful to the millions of people who lost their lives during that horrible time in our history. Seriously – how dare you? How low will the right go? Oh wait…we’ve seen it enough to know, pretty damn low. Do you love this shirt?

Why I’m not a Republican shirt

Why I’m not a Republican. No one is suggesting that we disarm our citizens. They are exaggerating which blows everything out of proportion.

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Why I'm not a Republican lady shirt
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We need gun control meaning background check, 3 day waiting period, license required after completing training just like the requirements to obtain a drivers license and zero access to assault weapons. Assault weapons for law enforcement and military only. I watched this whole thing waiting for him to back up the notion that if they had guns nothing different would have occurred. Instead he just rambled on about his anger. He stated that saying guns are good was just to score political points but saying guns are bad isn’t for political points apparently? He then follows that up by saying some did take up fire arms and tried to push back and were hero’s and we should admire them but the odds against them were too large. So guns are bad but the ones that used them to fight back were hero’s and taking away guns isn’t bad but if they had guns and had better odds nothing would have changed? Yeah makes sense.

Why I'm not a Republican youth tee
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Why I'm not a Republican hooded sweatshirt
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