Deal with the Devil ringer shirt and crewneck sweatshirt

Deal with the Devil ringer shirt

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Deal with the Devil ringer shirt

Deal with the Devil ringer. Bishop Alfred Ringer preached the horns off the Billy goat this morning. My Lawd! 2 Chronicles 20:1-17 and 1 Peter 5 The topic of the day was “I have no words, I’m just shaking my head.” Jesus is on His way back, we are overwhelmed all around, I hope we can cope until He comes. Keep chasing and running after God.

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The longer you walk with and as much as you should know about God, the more you realize how much more you don’t know about God. Have you ever had a time when God didn’t talk to you and you ask Lord God where are you? Fear is what you feel when you are overwhelmed with grief. If our enemies/issues came at us one at a time, we could probably handle it.

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Deal with the Devil ringer crewneck sweatshirt
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But when they all come at one time. We need to say Father this is to heavy for me, Father I cannot handle this. Sometimes God says “put me in remembrance of my Word.” Refresh your memory as to what God has done for you already. Jehosaphat was saying “God I trust you!” It’s time to seek the Lord. Prayer changes things, fasting changes things, go back to what works. The devil is counting on us to “punk out” but that’s when you stretch your hands to thee oh God! Go out and do battle with the enemy. God is asking do you trust me? You got to walk by faith, even with a bad doctor’s report, bad finances, sometimes in the middle of what you’re going through. You got to be like a quarterback, God is saying you are doing to much yourself. Hand it off to God, the stress doesn’t belong to you, the worry doesn’t belong to you, hand it off to God! I have no words, I’m just shaking my head!

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