My husband is dope shirt, sweatshirt, flowy tank

My husband is dope shirt
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While y’all still up, you should go ahead and order our My Husband is Dope shirt. Don’t be shamed. You always talking about how good he is to ya…spoiling ya and shit. So go ahead & get the tee & wear it proudly. Tag someone who isn’t afraid to let the world know their husband is dope af.

My husband is dope shirt

He drove me to VA Saturday completely missing the slam dunk contest, got the trucked unpacked endured us checking into the hotel only for me to get in the room and not want to get my bags off the luggage carrier. These folks connected us to a adjoining room. I could hear the neighbors conversion, sink was ugly and the towel stand was leaning.

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I know he wanted to scream especially after knowing our friends offered us to stay at their beautiful home. I mean the house is literally almost a mansion. It’s 11 pm and I’m asking if we can just find a Hilton brand . He didn’t complain at all. No smart comments..just baby find where you wanna stay so we can chill. I love this man . My husband is dope & loves Jesus.

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My husband is dope sweatshirt

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