No Means Ask Uncle shirt, hooded sweatshirt, v-neck

No Means Ask Uncle shirt

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No Means Ask Uncle shirt

Sure hope this isn’t another mistake. History tells us to leave enough troops to maintain order. I’m concerned. Shoutout to InfoWars, WikiLeaks, Breitbart, Project Veritas, All the people who made this administration possible! We defeated the Rothschilds! Knock that ring.

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It was an honor to meet you over thanksgiving and something I will tell my grandchildren about. As a strong supporter of yours and a supporter of most of your policies. No Means Ask Uncle. I hope that there is something about this decision that cannot be talked about, but that will be explained later down the road. Thankful to bring my brothers and sisters overseas home, but we all signed up to do the Lords work and we all know the risks involved in getting the task completed. Thank you Mr. President for all you do and God Bless you and your family.

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