Shut up or knuckle up shirt and hooded sweatshirt

Shut up or knuckle up shirt
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On the drive to school this morning it’s started blizzarding (yes that is a word shut up) and I managed to white knuckle Marlo to her building a minute before the bell rang. High quality with 100% cotton, available on more style: shirt, hooded sweatshirt, flowy tank, tank unisex, long slevee tee…. Buy it now if you want it.

Shut up or knuckle up shirt

Only to have to drive back and pick up Leta two hours later because she was terribly sick. The reason it’s already the middle of March and you are wondering whoa, where did all the time go? Shut up or knuckle up . Is because i have a book deadline that is bending that time. You are very welcome.

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Shut up or knuckle up lady shirt
lady shirt

Spent the day doing something i enjoy, busting knuckles on my buddy jims jeep. ready for some shut eye. y’all have a good night brothers and sisters. Rage is about destruction—like the time I almost broke my foot kicking a tire because my car door wouldn’t shut, or the bruised knuckles I suffered as a result of punching a cabinet when my dryer door wouldn’t close. (I do see the pattern!).

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Shut up or knuckle up tank unisex
tank unisex
Shut up or knuckle up hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt

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