It’s Always Gritty In Philadelphia shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

It's Always Gritty In Philadelphia shirt

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It’s Always Gritty In Philadelphia shirt

Hey Individual 1, We didn’t catch 10 terrorists. That’s another stupid lie. None of our national security agencies will corroborate that. What the hell is wrong with you. I think the Dems would be game for a wall, if Mexico was paying! That wasn’t something you wanted 45, but rather something you promised.

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The majority of the American people do not want your silly border wall. And a overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of you! It’s Always Gritty In Philadelphia. You had two years of majority in congress, and still didn’t get the new Berlin wall built. America doesn’t want it, the small portion that makes up your support base does. Fake news, from the fake president. The Democrats and Liberals are absolutely irresponsible, even if it is only the superficial level of understanding. The deeper level of understanding is that their castle of privileges is collapsing. Keep going Mr President! They proposed a wall 5 years ago! Totally confused people.

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