Caucasians Washington Redskins shirt, v-neck

Caucasians Washington Redskins shirt

Some college intramural team called themselves the Fighting Whities a few years ago. I think they were Native American. We should all wear one of these honkie shirts while kneeling for the Anthem and Pledge and then watch the right wing wackos heads explode. Caucasians Washington Redskins. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Caucasians Washington Redskins shirt

I’m white as corn bread and I use to wear a yellow tee shirt with the word ‘honky’ on it. Got a few looks, nothing horrible. As for this guy’s shirt, I like it makes a statement.

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Caucasians Washington Redskins lady shirt
lady shirt

Did you know that cracker referred to the guys that whipped the slaves because of the crack of the whip sound made. you really want to be proud of that? Says a lot about you! I am white although there is a variety of DNA in my bloodline I personally have no problem with this shirt, as a matter of fact I find it humorous, f/m if they can’t take the truth, just my opinion. Caucasians Washington Redskins. The offensive Redskins logo? I thought the word Redskins was the offensive part? Anyway, the Native American community is divided on this issue and personally, their opinion is the only one that matters.

Caucasians Washington Redskins lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Caucasians Washington Redskins hoodie

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