Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals shirt and youth tee

Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals shirt
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For as bad as cincy played, shows a lot that the team could forget all that had happened throughout the game and pull through when it matters most! Lot of fight in this team, never quit! Played four quarters! Proud day cincy fans, 7-0 looks even better when you beat the squealers at Heinz! Buy this shirt now.

Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals shirt

Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals.  I’m not a Steelers fan and im not against the bengals. But I think the Steelers should’ve had this game. The Bengals had a lot of turnovers and couldn’t score a touchdown through most of the game.

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Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals lady shirt
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The Steelers had soooooooooo many chances to put that game away and either got picked off or went 3 and out… Great game by the Steelers defense, Bengals only has 6 points for 55 minutes… All the blame is on the offense. Stop with blaming the refs. Ben was horrible today and the Bengals were better. Simple as that but as always go steelers.I see a different thing in the Bengals this year. They seem determined to change their playoff history. I really feel like they are a dangerous team. To all the Bengals fans, don’t let other fans tell you that in the playoffs you will lose some of those fans’ teams don’t even make the playoffs. (btw Panthers fan here) Bengals are for real so beware NFL!

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Baby Groot hug Cincinnati Bengals youth tee
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