Groot hug Dallas Cowboys shirt and sweat shirt

Groot hug Dallas Cowboys shirt

As a Cowboys fan, someone like McNabb or Dawkins saying that would’ve stung a little bit. But coming from a kicker that made me laugh out loud. Lol. Best part was philly jumped 1 spot ahead of Dallas to take the TE the cowgirls wanted and needed with Witten retiring today…I’m a bears fan and loved everything about this! Buy this shirt now if you are fans of Dallas Cowboys.

Groot hug Dallas Cowboys shirt

They win a Super Bowl and think they are the greatest thing since slice bread. Win 5 and then come talk to the Cowboys. Groot hug Dallas Cowboys. David Akers wants to be Drew Pearson so bad you never won a Super Bowl! Quit trying to ride the coattails of the 2017 Eagles, kicker!

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Groot hug Dallas Cowboys lady shirt
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They’re so funny when they’re not worthy. If most of these draft picks weren’t born the last time the ‘Boys were in the Super Bowl, I guess we can pint out that entire generations have lived and died without seeing you win one. We’ve got five. You have your first. Call me when you have a history of more than mediocrity. One Super Bowl and he’s “roasting” us? Roast the joke of the NFC east titles you guys won in the early 00’s. A Texas junior high team could have won the division then.

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