Detroits real bad boys hockey shirt, v-neck, unisex tank top

Detroits real bad boys hockey shirt

Uplifting story from the city of Detroit’s hockey community – because hockey is for everyone. JLA will always hold a spot in my heart. Fond memories of being part of Detroit’s hockey organization has been a privilege. We will wait and see what the future holds! Buy this shirt now before lose it forever.

Detroits real bad boys hockey shirt

Detroits real bad boys hockey. This limited edition lithograph, commemorates the final season at the JLA and reflects on Detroit’s hockey heritage. Contact us if you would like a signed & numbered custom framed print for your office or rec room!

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Detroits real bad boys hockey lady shirt
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Mr. Hockey, you are truly a legend. I wish I could remember when I met you, but I was only a baby. My mom had brought my cousin to watch the Wings practice, and they were holding my sister and I on the bench. My mom heard a knock on the glass, she spins around, and it’s Gordie Howe in the flesh. He tells her, “Doc, you can’t have those babies on the bench! Come behind the glass”. Well, you can only get from the bench to the stands by climbing through the railing. Impossible with 2 babies. So one by one, my sister and I were passed off to Gordie as my mom and my cousin climbed up. After they were situated back with us in their arms, a puck came flying at the bench, hitting the glass right where my mom had been standing not seconds before. Gordie turns at my mom and said “See!”

Detroits real bad boys hockey guy v-neck
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Detroits real bad boys hockey tank top
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