Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins shirt and hoodie

Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins shirt

What better place to pass Dan Marino than in his house only needing 56 yards and could be 8 – 0 on the road w/wins . Oh also could lock up the 1 seed in the AFC but no pressure Tommy just be you. Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins shirt

I would love to be in Miami watching the game. And you know what, if people could communicate or maybe if I could get all my emails and texts calls maybe I would be there. But, truth be told I have not heard from anyone regarding the game or anything else so I will watch where I am and root for My Patriots. My Tom Brady. Go Pats! High five for 5 rings to come!

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Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins lady shirt
lady shirt

It’ll be nice just knowing you all are in the same state as me. It’s tough being a Pats fan in Florida but there are plenty of us here.  Live near Ft Lauderdale but from MA. It was a very whimpy cold front and will be 80 tomorrow I was hoping for decent weather for a while 1 day. So go down there with nerves of steel , focus , concentrate , and watch out in the pocket , if you don’t see anyone open , baby you run for all you can run for and slide for that first down , don’t sit in the pocket too long to get sacked , cause you know they are going to play us extremley rough , so go down there and give em hell Tom. Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins.  we know you can do it ! We will be behind you ! love yah big guy.

Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins hoodie
Fuck Tom Brady Miami Dolphins sweatshirt

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