Jason Witten 82 crying eye shirt, tank top and v-neck

Jason Witten 82 crying eye shirt

Jason Witten announced his retirement from the NFL in an emotional press conference at the Dallas Cowboys facility. Jason Witten 82 crying eye. Omg I’m crying!!!! Jason Witten will for ever be one of my favorite players! 15 years of awesome! If you too, buy this shirt now.

Jason Witten 82 crying eye shirt

I watched the entire Jason Witten press conference. Worth every second of it. Yup! I cried!! What a great football player but indeed a better Man. Thank You Jason Witten!

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Jason Witten 82 crying eye lady shirt
lady shirt

Bitter sweet for one of the greatest cowboys ever. Gonna be missed. One of my favorite players in any sport ever. I cried last week and now I am going to really cry at 2pm. Great man on and off the field. I’m in shock here. Witten has always been such a team player yet this After Our First Round Pick?!!!! WTH?!!! Cuss or Cry? At the moment it’s both. I’m not crying, you’re crying! As I always say, good things fall apart so better things can come together! Dont cry, D. Now he will have more time to read your love letters 😉 One of the best Cowboys ever! He will meet today with Jerry Jones before making his decision final. (via Chris Mortensen).

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Jason Witten 82 crying eye lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Jason Witten 82 crying eye tank top
tank top


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