Kenyan Drake Dolphins Miami Miracle shirt, hoodie, v-neck

Kenyan Drake Dolphins Miami Miracle shirt

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Kenyan Drake Dolphins Miami Miracle shirt

I wish they would have had this policy when jobless, illegal immigrant grandpa Trump showed up would have made this country a lot better. How much does the Clinton foundation spend every month to support the Russian troll farm? I see a few of their anti American posts on this feed.

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The Dems don’t feel they want to give you the money for the wall, but have no problem allowing a very expensive imposing caravan in to take our money what does the caravan bring to the Dems that is so important that they be here? Please explain exactly how Trump is the swindler in chief and a traitor to America and our values. Kenyan Drake Dolphins Miami Miracle. Facts Steve, not opinions. We should start a GoFundMe account and just build the wall ourselves. Show those stupid demorats who’s boss! He seeks the opportunity to develop whatever talents God gave him. Not security. He does not wish to be a kept citizen.

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