L3-6ron is not the go-4t shirt and hooded sweatshirt

L3-6ron is not the go-4t shirt

Why didn’t L3-6ron go to College? Because he struggles with finals! L3-6ron is not the go-4t. Even after a sweep, I hope L3-6ron James comes to the lake show next year. Just being better than the Kings just ain’t enough… Do you love this shirt? Buy it now before lose it.

L3-6ron is not the go-4t shirt

I think another major star would have to agree to come to the Lakers Paul George, Chris Paul maybe Demarcus Cousins etc…. for Lebron to consider them, he not only wants to compete, he wants to be in the Finals again next year.

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L3-6ron is not the go-4t lady shirt
lady shirt

Man I know this! Haha. If he’s smart he’ll go somewhere in the east where he’s likely to make the finals again.  I do think the lakers set themselves up well to make a couple of big free agent signings when they got rid or clarkson and nance as we saw in the nba finals Cleveland totally over estimate how good those two are.They tried NBA denied Chris Paul and company couple years ago. L3-6ron is not the go-4t. That excuse tho. He had a brace on his hand. Been hurting since the 1st game. Lol. Lies. Can’t believe people think he’s the GOAT! Hahaha. But, he still has some years left tho. No one in team sports besides him has played in 9 championships , in all the team sports in the world you’ve only seen that from one person and it’s Lebron.

L3-6ron is not the go-4t hooded sweatshirt
hooded sweatshirt
L3-6ron is not the go-4t v-neck

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