Oakland Raiders Punisher shirt and tank top

Oakland Raiders Punisher shirt

He was nothing but a quitter, him and Sapp stole Al’s money… there is only a handful Raiders I truly dislike; and he is definitely one Moss, Sapp, JaMarcus, Schroeder, DeAngelo Hall, Lane Kiffin and LaMont Jordan… that’s my list, at least Javon Walker quit walked into Al’s office and told him keep his money. Oakland Raiders Punisher. If you are fans of Oakland Raiders, then this shirt is perfect for you.

Oakland Raiders Punisher shirt

We where the Black Sheep of the League when we signed him and he is the Dark Horse of Football. Only took care of himself. Raiders are a Team! He only did what was good for himself. Give the Raiders Organization our Money back and then I’ll consider you a Hofer! Joke of the League this guy!

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Oakland Raiders Punisher lady shirt
lady shirt

It’s a dam shame hof selectors keep avoiding 21 Mr. Cliff Branch for induction in WR category even tho he has better receiving records, played with one team, 3 time SBs winner! Shame on them. For how he quit on the Raiders he does not deserve to be in the HOF. Oakland Raiders Punisher. True hall of famers play hard every play. With him,the ego maniac owens, and the murderer lewis this was by far the most embarrassing class that was ever elected. I didn’t watch one second of the ceremony.

Oakland Raiders Punisher tank top
tank top
Oakland Raiders Punisher sweater

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