Ray Finkle Football Camp Laces Out shirt, long sleeved, sweatshirt

Ray Finkle Football Camp Laces Out shirt

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Ray Finkle Football Camp Laces Out shirt

If I ever get a good one, I want to keep him. We have term limits via the ballot box. If we take away the salary for life, that would be a bunch better! Keep doing what your doing let them cry and try to stop you. Good always comes out on top so your good.

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If a Judge is obviously making decisions purely on strict party lines he should immediately be subject to legal inquiry and removed if found lacking in the ability to make honest, Independent rulings. Ray Finkle Football Camp Laces Out. We the people let it happen. It’s a really ridiculous situation but I’m keeping hope alive the swamp will be exposed and dealt. Back a convention of states for term limits and forcing the federal courts to operate as intended. Not legislating from the bench as they do now. Judicial activist judges need to be reigned in and either removed or disciplined.

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