Redskins football team logo shirt and hoodie

Redskins football team logo shirt

How come no one mentions tight end Jerry Smith? He’s more deserving than either Jacoby or Fischer. He set the standard before any of today’s temporaries did. His statistics are far greater and or equal to than half of those tight ends that are already in. Come on Hall of Fame, get your act together. Redskins football team logo. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Redskins football team logo shirt

Jacoby is very well deserving but before him, Pat Fischer, or any other Redskins alumni, Jerry Smith takes priority. When Smith retired he retired with the most touchdowns ever by any TE. And when you look at his tds to reception ratio among the other tight ends already in the Hall, it’s even more impressive.

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Jacoby, as much as I hate to admit, wasn’t the best OT of his day either. Anthony Munoz was much better. Bill Fralic of Atlanta, Jim Covert of the Bears, Minnesota’s Gary Zimmerman could all be arguably better than Jacoby. Nice try, though. If anything hurt Joe it was having to go up against Lawrence Taylor twice a year with no help in pass blocking from the te or rb. Redskins football team logo. No one could block LT one on one and he got his lunch handed to him. I blame the redskins coaches for not helping him out. That being said Joe surely deserves to get in. It may take more time, look how long it Jerry Kramer from the packers to get in.

Redskins football team logo hoodie
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