Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football shirt, v-neck, tank top

Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football shirt

Counting down the Top 5 calls of all-time with the voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide – Eli Gold! Each week we’ll debut another classic play in Alabama Football history. Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football. Are you a crazy fans of Alabama Crimson Tide? Then this shirt is perfect for you.


Great gift for men and women, they will love it. I was sitting at about the 5 yard line, right in front of the play. If they hand the ball off I really think they win. Bama’s D was gassed and could not stop them. But they didn’t, and the rest is history. Roll Tide Roll!

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Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football lady shirt
lady shirt

2006 Bama vs Florida coming back from the break after Prothro caught the 87yd TD on Bama’s first offensive play. “This is only the second time this season, now, that Florida has found itself trailing in a ballgame. They were down 7 – nothing against Kentucky. There are few truths in an uncertain world, but here’s one, this ain’t Kentucky.” Best sports call ever. Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football. I was deployed and had to march back 16 miles with all my gear just to watch it. I told my CO, we don’t miss Alabama games for anything. I was at the game so nice to hear the play call. The fans were so nice after the game. One road out so we waited to leave so fans asking us to sit and eat with them. Very classy people especially loosing that way.

Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football tank top
tank top
Skull Alabama Crimson Tide football lady v-neck
lady v-neck

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