Alabama Crimson Tide y’all shirt and hoodie

Alabama Crimson Tide y'all shirt

Water is wet. Tide’s on top, yet again. Now tied with Ohio State with the most AP Poll ranked 1 appearances with 105, next week Alabama will break the record with 106 appearances! Alabama Crimson Tide y’all. Roll Tide! If you are fans of Alabama Crimson Tide, then this shirt is perfect for you.

Alabama Crimson Tide y’all shirt

Was there ever any doubt? Where is Ga with those 5 recruits? Tua time. Jalen is a great quarterback but he needs to be more decisive. Tua always is looking down field when he has the ball!

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Alabama Crimson Tide y'all lady shirt
lady shirt

Stop it !! I’m a huge Bama fan but just stop it !! One game has been played !! It must be the millenial Bama fans! Us older fans know better! Tua will win the next two heismans before leaving early for draft turning things over to brother Taulia. Get used to the name Tagovailoa, it will be around for at least five years. eisman trophies aren’t generally awarded to Alabama. Don’t kid yourself. Alabama Crimson Tide y’all. It’s early in the season and Hurrs was a early Heisman hopeful too at one point. Personally I’m hoping they feed Damien Harris until it hurts and HE wins the Heisman. He returned to Alabama football for his senior year to be a leader and finish school. He has shown both the ability and character of a true Heisman winner.

Alabama Crimson Tide y'all hoodie
Alabama Crimson Tide y'all long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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