Your wife my wife volleyball shirt, v-neck, sleeveless tee

Your wife my wife volleyball v-neck

I used to love playing beach volley ball with my husband’s sponsored team. These ladies take it to new levels & say they use visualization. This is the same brain science used with Vision boards and the law of attraction. Dream, Dig (volleyball term) and today, my love buy this shirt, I want really love it! And you?

Your wife my wife volleyball shirt

Your wife my wife volleyball. Being a senior in high school has brought many adult things to my attention but I have never forgotten about one teacher I had when I went to Walcott! Her name was Mrs.

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Your wife my wife volleyball guy shirt
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Sinksen and it was obvious to me she loved her job. She has just recently be diagnosed with cancer. She was an amazing teacher and her and her husband do a lot for Walcott and they have 3 girls that play volleyball! On September 26th we’re going to honor her and her family at our volleyball game. We want everyone to wear royal blue and we’ll be taking donations and doing 50/50 to help the family pay for hospital bills and anything they might need during this hard time. This really means a lot to us girls on the volleyball team and everyone who has been touched by her the same way I have. So if you could help spread the word or come to our game and wear blue that night it would be sooo awesome!

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Your wife my wife volleyball sleeveless tee
sleeveless tee
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